The Sorrow of War
The Sorrow of War

ISBN: 9781448105595
Year of publication: 1998
Keywords: Vietnam war

The Sorrow of War

Bao Ninh
Frank Palmos

Phan Thanh Hao

On War

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Bảo Ninh THE SORROW OF WAR A Novel ENGLISH VERSION BY Frank Palmos FROM THE ORIGINAL TRANSLATION BY Phan Thanh Hao ON THE BANKS of the Ya Crong Poco River, on the northern flank of the B3 battlefield in the Central Highlands, the Missing In Action body-collecting team awaits the dry season of 1976. The mountains and jungles are water-soaked and dull. Wet trees. Quiet jungles. All day and all night the water steams. A sea of greenish vapour over the jungle’s carpet of rotting leaves. September and October drag by, then November passes, but still the weather is unpredictable and the night rains are relentless. Sunny days but rainy nights. Even into early December, weeks after the end of the normal rainy season, the jungles this year are still as muddy as all hell. They are forgotten by peace, damaged or impassable, all the tracks disappearing, bit by bit, day by day, into the embrace of the coarse undergrowth and wild grasses. Travelling...