Two Fronts
Two Fronts

ISBN: 9780345524706
Year of publication: 2013
Sequence of author: The war that came early(№5)

Two Fronts

Harry Turtledove

Alternative history

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Harry Turtledove Two Fronts Chapter 1 Marine Sergeant Pete McGill lay in the Ranger’s sick bay. He had a cut from bomb shrapnel along one rib and another in the side of his neck. A couple of inches there and he would have been nothing but a snack for the shark that had circled him after he got blown off the Boise’s deck and into the tropical Pacific. He knew he was lucky to be alive. A lot of good men hadn’t made it off the light cruiser before she sank. The bomb from a Jap Val that flung him overboard broke her back, and she went down fast. That blast also flung him clear of the fuel oil from her shattered bunkers. You swallowed some of that crap, you were history even if they did fish you out of the drink. And, even though his cuts must have been bleeding like billy-be-damned, the dorsal went away instead of slicing in for the kill. Maybe he was an off brand. He’d managed to stay afloat, then, till the Ranger came over and started picking...

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