The Executioners heart
The Executioner's heart

Year of publication: 2013
Sequence of author: Newbury and hobbes investigations(№4)

The Executioner's heart

George Mann

Detective science fiction, Steampunk

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George Mann The Executioner's Heart CHAPTER 1 LONDON, MARCH 1903 The ticking was all she could hear. Like the ominous beating of a hundred mechanised hearts-syncopated, chaotic-it filled the small room, counting away the seconds, measuring her every breath. A carnival of clockwork, a riot of cogs. She realised she was holding her breath and let it out. She peered further into the dim room from the doorway, clutching the wooden frame. The paintwork was smooth and cold beneath her fingers. The room was lit only by the flickering light of a gas lamp on a round table in the centre of the space. A warm orange glow seeped from beneath the half-open lamp shutters, casting long shadows that seemed to carouse and dance of their own volition. The air was thick with a dank, musty odour. She wrinkled her nose in distaste. The room probably hadn’t been aired for years, perhaps even decades. Most of the windows had long ago been boarded over or...