Waiting for an Army to Die
Waiting for an Army to Die

ISBN: 9781609803391
Year of publication: 2011
Keywords: Vietnam War

Waiting for an Army to Die

Fred A Wilcox

Publicism, Military history

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Fred A. Wilcox WAITING FOR AN ARMY TO DIE The Tragedy of Agent Orange SECOND EDITION I wish to dedicate this book to Paul Sutton, Ken Herrmann, to Jerry, Lori, Sandy, and Heather Strait, and to all of those who have suffered, and continue to suffer, from the effects of Agent Orange/chemical warfare. PREFACE In writing about Agent Orange, I do not wish to create yet another stereotype of Vietnam veterans. More than one hundred thousand veterans have undergone the Veteran Administration’s “Agent Orange examination” while thousands more have applied for service-connected disability due to their exposure to Agent Orange. But this does not mean that all veterans are sick, dying, or have fathered children with birth defects. When I use the term “veteran,” I am referring specifically to those men and women who served in Vietnam and who believe they were exposed to toxic chemicals. Some veterans are bitter at having served in a war they...