ISBN: 9781492136606
Year of publication: 2013


Ryan Wiley


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Ryan Wiley DISAPPEARANCE To my wife, Stephanie, for whom I’ll forever grab things off the top shelf for. Prologue My name is Andrew, and this is the story of when everyone disappeared. Chapter 1 I wake up and turn over to see what time it is. The red lights on my alarm clock are blank. Oh crap, the power must be out. I look over to my right and notice my wife, Abby, isn’t there. Very strange considering she always sleeps like a baby. She must have decided to check on the power. I’m glad she let me sleep in. “Honey!” I call out. No answer. I get up to see what’s going on. When I look out the front window, I see the power is out everywhere. Even the streetlights are dark. “Hon, are you there?” I say a little louder. There’s still no response. I’m starting to get frustrated, especially since I have a very big day today. I’m a web programmer for Vinitech. The company name sounds eerily similar to the one in the movie...