Gun, with Occasional Music
Gun, with Occasional Music

ISBN: 9780156028974
Year of publication: 2003

Gun, with Occasional Music

Jonathan Lethem

Detective science fiction

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Jonathan Lethem GUN, WITH OCCASIONAL MUSIC For Carmen Fariña There was nothing to it. The Super Chief was on time, as it almost always is, and the subject was as easy to spot as a kangaroo in a dinner jacket. —Raymond Chandler PART I CHAPTER 1 II WAS THERE WHEN I WOKE UP, I SWEAR. THE FEELING. It was two weeks after I’d quit my last case, working for Maynard Stanhunt. The feeling was there before I tuned in the musical interpretation of the news on my bedside radio, but it was the musical news that confirmed it: I was about to work again. I would get a case. Violins were stabbing their way through the choral arrangements in a series of ascending runs that never resolved, never peaked, just faded away and were replaced by more of the same. It was the sound of trouble, something private and tragic; suicide, or murder, rather than a political event. It was the kind of musical news that forces me to perk up my...