Year of publication: 2012
Sequence of author: A lux novel(№3)
Keywords: aliens blogger Books daemon half-blood jennifer armentrout jennifer l. armentrout katy lux obsidian onyx opal pure Romance Science Fiction shadows ya ya romance young adult Young Adult Romance


Jennifer L Armentrout

Romance fiction

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Opal A LUX NOVEL Book three Jennifer L. Armentrout This book is dedicated to the winning Daemon Invasion team. You ladies rock! Janalou Cruz Nikki Ria Beth Jessica Baker Beverley Jessica Jillings Shaaista G Paulina Zimnoch Rachel Chapter 1 I wasn’t sure what woke me. The howling wind from the first hardcore blizzard of the year had calmed last night and my room was quiet. Peaceful. I rolled onto my side and blinked. Eyes the color of dew-covered leaves stared into mine. Eyes eerily familiar but lackluster compared to the ones I loved. Dawson. Clenching the blanket to my chest, I sat up slowly and pushed the tangled hair out of my face. Maybe I was still asleep, because I really had no idea why Dawson, the twin brother of the boy I was madly, deeply, and quite possibly insanely in love with was perched on the edge of my bed. “Um, is…is everything okay?” I cleared my throat, but the words...