Comanche Six
Comanche Six

ISBN: 9780891414100
Year of publication: 1991
Keywords: Vietnam war

Comanche Six

James L Estep

Biographies and Memoirs, Military documentaries

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James L. Estep COMANCHE SIX Company Commander in Vietnam Dedication For those who didn’t return, who, like the centurions and their soldiers, deserved better from the republic they served. And especially for William “Billy” McCarty. He made us laugh, and we miss him. Preface This is a story of American soldiers who fought in a faraway place, for an elusive cause, for eleven long years. Historians now tell us our country’s military involvement in Indochina can be chronologically divided into three distinct phases. The early 1960’s was the period of the advisor, a period in which we tried to turn the tide in a relatively small insurgency, employing only a modest expenditure in men and material. This phase ended with the introduction of North Vietnam’s armies into the fray and the subsequent arrival of our ground forces in 1965. For the next three years, we sought to end the war by judicious use of our military might and would...