Enders Game
Ender's Game

ISBN: 0312932081
Year of publication: 1985
Sequence of author: Ender's saga(№1)

Ender's Game

Orson Scott Card

Science fiction

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Orson Scott Card Ender's Game For Geoffrey, who makes me remember how young and how old children can be Acknowledgments Portions of this book were recounted in my first published science fiction story, "Ender's Game," in the August 1977 Analog, edited by Ben Boya; his faith in me and this story are the foundation of my career. Harriet McDougal of Tor is that rarest of editors—one who understands a story and can help the author make it exactly what he meant it to be. They don't pay her enough. Harriet's task was made more than a little easier, however, because of the excellent work of my resident editor, Kristine Card. I don't pay her enough, either. I am grateful also to Barbara Boya, who has been my friend and agent through thin and, sometimes, thick; and to Tom Doherty, my publishers who let me talk him into doing this book at the ABA in Dallas, which shows either his' superb judgment or how weary one can get at a convention. ...

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