ISBN: 9780143035718
Year of publication: 2005
Keywords: Vietnam War


Robert Mason

Biographies and Memoirs, Military documentaries

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Robert Mason CHICKENHAWK For Patience and Jack Author’s Note This is a personal narrative of what I saw in Vietnam and how it affected me. The events all happened; the chronology and geography are correct to the best of my knowledge. The names of the characters, other than the names that are famous, and unimportant characteristics of all the persons in the book have been changed so that they bear no resemblance to any of the actual people in order to preserve their privacy and anonymity. I’d like to put in an apology to the grunts, if they resent that term, because I have nothing but respect for them and the conditions under which they served. I hope that these recollections of my experiences will encourage other veterans to talk. I think it is impossible to know too much about the Vietnam era and its effects on individuals and society. Instead of dwelling on the political aspects of the war, I have concentrated on the actual...