The Beast in the Red Forest
The Beast in the Red Forest

ISBN: 9780571281466
Year of publication: 2013
Sequence of author: Inspector pekkala(№5)
Keywords: & Detective Fiction General Historical Crime Mystery

The Beast in the Red Forest

Sam Eastland

Historical detective

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Sam Eastland The Beast in the Red Forest (Postmark: Elizabeth, New Jersey. March 4th, 1936.) (Return Address: none) To: The United Brotherhood of Steelworkers, Branch 11, Jackson St, Newark, New Jersey, USA Boys, I am leaving today! My bags are packed and I’m bound for a new life in Russia. I have a guarantee of work, housing and school for my two kids as soon as I walk off the boat. They are practically begging for skilled craftsmen over there, while here in America there are over 13 million unemployed. As you know, there are members of our New York City Chapter currently living with their families in abandoned buildings down on Wall Street. We are fighting each other for handouts at the bread lines. Last month, I sold, for the price of one dollar, all the medals I won fighting in the Argonne Forest back in the Great War. Come to Russia, boys. That’s where the future is. I realise that leaving home is hard, and starting a new life is...