Shovel Ready
Shovel Ready

ISBN: 9780385348997
Year of publication: 2014
Keywords: dystopia noir

Shovel Ready

Adam Sternbergh

Detective science fiction, Hard detective

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Adam Sternbergh SHOVEL READY To Julia May Jonas Every human being who has ever lived has died, except the living. —FREDERICK SEIDEL, “The Bush Administration” I. 1. My name is Spademan. I’m a garbageman. —this fucker. I don’t care. Don’t you want— Just a name. I have his address. Great. See this fucker— I said don’t. Okay. The less I know, etcetera. How much? What I said. To the account I mentioned. And how will I— You won’t hear from me again. But how do I— The dead guy. That’s how. I don’t want to know your reasons. If he owes you or he beat you or she swindled you or he got the promotion you wanted or you want to fuck his wife or she fucked your man or you bumped into each other on the subway and he didn’t say sorry. I don’t care. I’m not your Father Confessor. Think of me more like a bullet. Just point. ...