Speak, Memory
Speak, Memory

ISBN: 9780307787736
Year of publication: 2011

Speak, Memory

Vladimir Nabokov

Biographies and Memoirs

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Vladimir Nabokov SPEAK, MEMORY An Autobiography Revisited To Véra Foreword THE present work is a systematically correlated assemblage of personal recollections ranging geographically from St. Petersburg to St. Nazaire, and covering thirty-seven years, from August 1903 to May 1940, with only a few sallies into later space-time. The essay that initiated the series corresponds to what is now Chapter Five. I wrote it in French, under the title of “Mademoiselle O,” thirty years ago in Paris, where Jean Paulhan published it in the second issue of Mesures, 1936. A photograph (published recently in Gisèle Freund’s James Joyce in Paris) commemorates this event, except that I am wrongly identified (in the Mesures group relaxing around a garden table of stone) as “Audiberti.” In America, whither I migrated on May 28, 1940, “Mademoiselle O” was translated by the late Hilda Ward into English, revised by me, and published by Edward Weeks in...