A Talent for War
A Talent for War

Sequence of author: Alex benedict(№1)

A Talent for War

Jack McDevitt

Detective science fiction

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PROLOGUE THE AIR WAS heavy with incense and the sweet odor of hot wax. Cam Chulohn loved the plain stone chapel. He knelt on the hard bench and watched the crystal water dribble across Father Curry’s fingers into the silver bowl held by the postulant. The timeless symbol of man’s effort to evade responsibility, it had always seemed to Chulohn the most significant of all the ancient rituals. There, he thought, is the essence of our nature, displayed endlessly throughout the ages for all who can see. His gaze lingered in turn on the Virgin’s Alcove (illuminated by a few flickering candles) and the Stations of the Cross, on the simple altar, on the hewn pulpit with its ponderous Bible. It was modest by the opulent standards of Rimway and Rigel III and Taramingo. But somehow the magnificence of the architecture in those sprawling cathedrals, the exquisite quality of the stained glass windows, the satisfying bulk of marble columns, the sheer...