The Brighter Buccaneer
The Brighter Buccaneer

Year of publication: 1933
Sequence of author: Saint(№11)

The Brighter Buccaneer

Leslie Charteris


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Leslie Charteris The Brighter Buccaneer 1. The Brain Workers "Happy" Fred Jorman was a man with a grievance. He came to his partner with a tale of woe. "It was an ordinary bit of business, Meyer. I met him in the Alexandra — he seemed interested in horses, and he looked so lovely and innocent. When I told him about the special job I'd got for Newmarket that afternoon, and it came to suggesting he might like to put a bit on himself, I'd hardly got the words out of my mouth before he was pushing a tenner across the table. Well, after I'd been to the phone I told him he'd got a three-to-one winner, and he was so pleased he almost wept on my shoulder. And I paid him out in cash. That was thirty pounds — thirty real pounds he had off me — but I wasn't worrying. I could see I was going to clean him out. He was looking at the money I'd given him as if he was watching all his dreams come true. And that was when I bought him another drink and started telling...

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