Weasels Luck
Weasel's Luck

ISBN: 0786931817
Year of publication: 2005
Sequence of author: Heroes 1(№3)

Weasel's Luck

Michael Williams


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Weasel’s Luck by Michael Williams Part I From the Moat House to Warden Swamp The Sign of the Weasel is tunnel on tunnel, enchantment on enchantment. He digs beneath himself, and in digging discovers all roads into nothing. Burrow the dark until darkness unravels, in dark the philosophers dance. The Calantina, IX:IX Chapter One It started on the night of the banquet I did not attend. While the others were celebrating, I was cleaning my eldest brother Alfric’s chambers, sweeping away the daily confusion of soiled clothes, of bones, of melon rinds. It was like a midden in there, like an ogre’s den. Surely the missing servants were only hiding from Alfric somewhere in the moat house, and would turn up shortly. Don’t misunderstand me. It would be wrong, then or now, to compare my brother to an ogre. An ogre is larger, more lethal. Probably brighter. Yet Alfric was bright enough to have me sweeping his quarters, soaping his windows, while he and the rest of the family sat down to...