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Chain of Jedrah
Chain of Jedrah


Chain of Jedrah

F E Campbell

Erotic, Sex

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The Chains of Jedrah By F.E. Campbell They were being sorted. Dark eyes gleamed contemptuously as the rifle barrels pointed their directives with a calm and certain precision. The DC-9 sat sadly in the sand like an abandoned house, robbed of the passengers and crew from which it had drawn life, its gun-compelled landing a thing of horror to remember. Even the desert was sad, without majesty or menace it was simply dreary. The welcoming committee was numerous and nondescript and like the land itself. They had come from nowhere to this place in jeeps and trucks and a Volkswagen. There was even a camel. There was not a building in sight. There were a few guttural words behind the guns. But it was the man in the Saville Row clothes and the kaffiyeh whose English was lucid, direct and frightening. “You will obey or be shot. Resistance means instant death. We have no time for heroes.” His eyes roved up and down the ranks. In them, too, was the faint contempt for a race whose day was...