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Pleasure Bound: Ashore
Pleasure Bound: Ashore

Sequence of author: Pleasure bound(№3)

Pleasure Bound: Ashore

George Bacchus

Erotic, Sex

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George Bacchus Pleasure Bound: Ashore CHAPTER ONE. The Autocrat of the Island John Tucker, ex-MD, Edinburgh, sat on the great flower-bedecked balcony of his summer palace on the island of Fleur de la Chair. Before him, steps cut in the turf led down to a glistening white stone jetty. A few little yachts, a half-dozen motor launches, and a score or so of small boats rocked lazily on the gentle waters of the bay. The sky was a vault of pure turquoise, the sea a little deeper blue, and the undulating hills which fringed the bay made a verdant carpet studded with radiant flowers. A soft sweet breeze from the sea lulled the fierce rays of the sun, and the regular swing of the punkah above him made John Tucker very comfortable. John Tucker was a square-jowled man of stocky build, with determination writ large all over him. As he sat in his brilliant silk pyjamas, smoking a pipe, he looked a little out of place in this lazy lotus land. John...