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Suburban Souls, Book I
Suburban Souls, Book I

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Suburban Souls, Book I

Jacky S

Erotic, Sex

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Jacky S Suburban Souls, Book I 1 Her father loved me, oft invited me. — Shakespeare HEART: Why did you not ravish her? CONST: Not I, truly, my talent lies to softer exercises. — Sir John Vanbrugh My great fear in setting forth this simple adventure of love and passion is that I shall not be able to carry home to my reader's mind the feelings, the hopes, the doubts and fears that so long racked my soul and stirred up all that was good and bad in the heart and brain of the writer-a very ordinary man. I have always been a great reader of amatory literature and all books and novels relating to sexual matters, whether willfully obscene or cunningly veiled; whether written by medical authorities, novelists, or even issued from the secret presses of Belgium and Holland. I often remarked that such tales were far from true to nature. I do not speak of lewd worlds, where impossibilities are presented merely to augment...