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Memoirs of a Baron
Memoirs of a Baron


Memoirs of a Baron

Gustav Schlling

Erotic, Sex

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Gustav Schlling Memoirs of a Baron BOOK ONE 1. THE READER GETS TO KNOW ME I owe my life to a passionate embrace with which the Old Baron honored my mother. The Old Baron was one of the richest noblemen in the country, and the last member of his branch. It did not matter to him that he could barely count the number of his forebears; despite the fact that he was the last one, he had no desire to get himself married and increase the length of his long line of nobility. Once in a while he would pick out a young girl from among his subjects whose charms attracted him as the loveliest he had ever seen at that particular time. He would have her properly trained by a governess and dress her up in fineries with the help of a tailor and a seamstress of impeccable taste. Thereupon he would love the girl for as long as it took him to find another one he liked more. But he never expelled the sweethearts he had grown weary of without any further...