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Letters to the Baumgarters
Letters to the Baumgarters

Sequence of author: Baumgarters(№5)

Letters to the Baumgarters

Selena Kitt

Erotic, Sex

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Selena Kitt Letters to the Baumgarters Chapter One Dear Carrie and Doc, I cannot believe Janie is turning a year old in March! How is it even possible? I know you were so worried when she was born two months early-we all were-such a tiny baby in an incubator with all those tubes and feeds. Poor girl. But look at her now! The pictures you sent are tacked to a bulletin board in my little room at Cara Lucia’s. She exclaims over Janie’s picture every time she sees it-and inevitably asks me, “When are you getting married and having babies?” She either wants to feed you or marry you off. Of course, every old Italian woman in Venice seems to have the same goals for the younger ones. It’s all about unione e bambini! And yes, I’ve told her about Mason. And Isabella. In spite of what everyone seems to think, I didn’t come here to run away. You bring your problems with you anyway, right? That’s what they say. But I have no interest in marriage again,...