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The Dirty Show
The Dirty Show

Sequence of author: Baumgarters(№6)

The Dirty Show

Selena Kitt

Erotic, Sex

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Selena Kitt The Dirty Show “Hey girl, this is crazy, and I know we just met, but…” Janie blinked in surprise at the guy who took the stool beside her at the bar, instinctively backing away a little as he leaned closer. He was young, barely old enough to gain entry into the club, and while she was just ten years past that, this clear attempt to pick her up amused her greatly. “Excuse me?” She crossed one leg over the other, letting her already-too-short skirt ride up her thigh, revealing the lace top of her thigh-high stocking, enjoying his reaction. His gaze skipped from her hemline to the v-neck of her blouse, revealing far more cleavage than she was used to showing. “Sorry, it was a just bad pickup line!” He had to yell to be heard, leaning in even closer, and Janie could smell beer on his breath. “Whatcha drinkin’? I’m buying!” “Shot of Patron!” Janie yelled in reply and lifted her glass, tilting back the honey colored liquid at the bottom. ...