The Scepters return
The Scepter's return

Sequence of author: The scepter of mercy(№3)

The Scepter's return

Harry Turtledove


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Dan Chernenko The Scepter's Return CHAPTER ONE Down in the southern part of the Kingdom of Avornis, spring had come some little while before. It was just now reaching the capital. The city of Avornis had had a long, hard winter. It wasn't as bad as it could have been — the Banished One hadn't tried to bury the city in snow and ice, as he had a few years earlier — but no one who'd been through it would have called it mild. Today, King Lanius was glad to be able to leave the royal palace without a hooded fur cloak that reached down to the ground and sturdy felt boots with wool socks inside them to keep his toes from freezing. His breath still smoked when he did go out, but the icicles had melted from under the eaves of steep-pitched slate roofs and all the snow was gone from the streets, leaving those that weren't cobblestoned (which was most of them) calf-deep in stinking mud. A few of the oaks and maples around the palace showed the buds that...

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