Barry Lindon
Barry Lindon

Year of publication: 1973

Barry Lindon

Stanley Kubrick

Classical prose

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BARRY LYNDON A screenplay by Stanley Kubrick Based on the novel by William Makepeace Thackeray FADE IN: EXT. PARK - DAY Brief shot of duel. RODERICK (V.O.) My father, who was well-known to the best circles in this kingdom under the name of roaring Harry James, was killed in a duel, when I was fifteen years old. EXT. GARDEN - DAY Mrs. James, talking with a suitor; Roderick, at a distance. RODERICK (V.O.) My mother, after her husband's death, and her retirement, lived in such a way as to defy slander. She refused all offers of marriage, declaring that she lived now for her son only, and for the memory of her departed saint. EXT. STREET - DAY Mother and son walking together. RODERICK (V.O.) My mother was the most beautiful women of her day. But if she was proud of her beauty, to do her justice, she was still more proud of her son, and has said a thousand times to me that I was the handsomest fellow in the world. EXT....