Last and First Contacts
Last and First Contacts

ISBN: 9781907069406
Year of publication: 2012
Sequence of publisher: Imaginings

Last and First Contacts

Stephen Baxter

Science fiction

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Stephen Baxter LAST AND FIRST CONTACTS In Praise of Associations An Introduction Ian Whates Stephen Baxter is one of the most respected science fiction writers of the current age. With degrees in mathematics and engineering, it is perhaps unsurprising that his work tends to be technically convincing as well as imaginative, intelligent and, on occasion, challenging. He has been entertaining and impressing readers and critics alike for more than two decades now, and his work has won him a hatful of awards, including a John W Campbell, a brace each of Philip K Dick and Sidewise Awards and four BSFA Awards. It seems unfeasible that anyone could produce a worthy follow-up to HG Wells’ classic “The Time Machine” but Stephen managed to do so with aplomb, and his novel The Time Ships remains the only authorised sequel to this seminal tale. My first direct contact with Stephen came in 2006, when he very graciously agreed to donate a newly written...