The Science of Avatar
The Science of Avatar

ISBN: 9780316224017
Year of publication: 2012

The Science of Avatar

Stephen Baxter

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Stephen Baxter THE SCIENCE OF AVATAR PROLOGUE “What lab experience do you have?” “I dissected a frog once.” —Dr. Grace Augustine and Jake Sully This book is about the science behind James Cameron’s movie Avatar. And to explore that science we’ll access behind-the-scenes secrets of James Cameron and his team. But an awful lot of the science in Avatar is right up there on the movie screen. All you have to do is observe it. Imagine it’s the year 2154, and you’re on Pandora, moon of the gas giant Polyphemus, planet of Alpha Centauri. You are following combat veteran Jake Sully down the ramp from the Valkyrie shuttle that has just brought you down from the orbiting starship Venture Star. You are at Hell’s Gate, the main operating base of RDA—the Resources Development Administration—which is here to mine this world for the supremely valuable “unobtanium.” Jake, though, is to report to Dr. Grace Augustine, to take part in the...