A Plague of Heretics
A Plague of Heretics

ISBN: 9781847393296
Year of publication: 2010
Sequence of author: Crowner john(№14)
Keywords: & _NB_Fixed Coroners Detective Devon (England) Fiction Great Britain – History – Angevin period; 1154-1216 Historical lorraine Mystery Police Procedural rt – England

A Plague of Heretics

Bernard Knight

Historical detective

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Bernard Knight A Plague of Heretics Prologue November 1196 The chapman could see that it was an unusual sort of funeral, even for such an outlandish place as Lympstone. There were corpses, bearers, mourners and a grave, but it was nothing like he had ever seen before. He shrugged his bulky pack from his back and set it down with some relief on the dusty road outside the church gate. Behind him, the track led down to a primitive wharf, where the river lapped against the muddy banks of the estuary of the River Exe. From where he stood, he could see over the low hedge around the churchyard to a corner well away from the existing grave-mounds. Here a flat farm-cart had just arrived, with a patient ox between the shafts. Six sheeted bodies lay on its bare boards, but there was no sign of coffins. Two of the shrouded shapes were pitifully small. At the side of the cart lay a large pit, a dozen feet square and almost the depth of a man. Some...