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Beloved bonds
Beloved bonds


Beloved bonds

F E Campbell

Erotic, Sex

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Beloved Bonds F.E. Campbell Prologue The rich sweep of Board Room mahogany. Seated at its end as Chairman, a girl. The corporate chairs, mostly empty. Five men. Four of them amused or embarrassed, one stony-faced with distaste. All eyes upon the only female present. “The meeting is called to order,” announced Mrs. Caroline Dowling sweetly. “The Chair is open to offers.” McIntyre, of the Devereaux Corporation, was decisive, faintly mocking. “I’ll assume the debentures in default and take four million in unissued stock,” he said crisply. “That should put Dowling Ltd. in pretty fair shape.” Simard was more cautious. “My company will certainly go that far,” he agreed slowly. “But has this—this . . . whole incredible affair the blessing of . . . ?” He turned to the cold features of the man, aloof and alone, whose lips were a thin line of disapproval. “Mr. Dowling . . . ?” “I’ll contest nothing.” Dowling’s statement was sardonic. “I’m here to watch and—you may have questions.” “My...