Low Level Hell
Low Level Hell

ISBN: 9780307537928
Year of publication: 2009
Keywords: helicopters Vietnam war

Low Level Hell

Hugh L Mills
Robert A Anderson

Biographies and Memoirs, Military history

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Hugh L. Mills, Jr. with Robert A. Anderson LOW LEVEL HELL A SCOUT PILOT IN THE BIG RED ONE Map Dedication This book is dedicated to the memory of the officers, noncommissioned officers, and troopers who died on the field of battle with Darkhorse in 1969. May they rest in peace. WOl James K. Ameigh, aeroscout pilot, 24 June. PFC William J. Brown, aerorifleman, 17 November. SGT Allen H. Caldwell, aerorifleman, 17 November. SP5 James L. Downing, aeroscout gunner, 6 November. SP4 August F. Hamilton, aerorifleman, 28 July. SP4 Eric T. Harshberger, aerolift crew chief, 1 November. PFC Michael H. Lawhon, aerorifleman, 11 August. SSG James R. Potter, aeroscout gunner, 11 September 1LT Bruce S. Gibson, aeroscout pilot, 11 September SP4 James A. Slater, aeroscout gunner, 24 June. WOl Henry J. Vad, aeroscout pilot, 6 November. SGT James R. Woods, aerorifleman, 11 August. ...