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Crazy About the Baumgartners
Crazy About the Baumgartners

Sequence of author: Baumgartners(№7)

Crazy About the Baumgartners

Selena Kitt

Erotic, Sex

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Selena Kitt Crazy About the Baumgartners Chapter One I didn’t become a nanny because I loved kids. I wasn’t one of those girls who started babysitting when I was ten and fell in love with children and decided to spend the rest of my life playing Mary Poppins. I became a nanny because I hated school, anything involving retail, and working in fast food. Being a nanny required that I know how to cook and how to do CPR. Basically, I needed to know how to keep kids alive. Sometimes I thought a monkey could do my job. Not that I advertised that fact during interviews. I’d been a nanny for five years and had gone through three families, when I finally found the perfect job. Thank God I found the Baumgartners. Or they found me. I was crazy about the Baumgartners. They were my favorite people in the world. And their kids were great, which is something I couldn’t say about the three families I’d played nanny to before them. Although they had their...