Mountain Ways
Mountain Ways


Mountain Ways

Ursula K Le Guin

Science fiction

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Mountain Ways Ursula K. Le Guin Note for readers unfamiliar with the planet O: Ki’O society is divided into two halves or moieties, called (for ancient religious reasons) the Morning and the Evening. You belong to your mother’s moiety, and you can’t have sex with anybody of your moiety. Marriage on O is a foursome, the sedoretu—a man and a woman from the Morning moiety and a man and a woman from the Evening moiety. You’re expected to have sex with both your spouses of the other moiety, and not to have sex with your spouse of your own moiety. So each sedoretu has two expected heterosexual relationships, two expected homosexual relationships, and two forbidden heterosexual relationships. The expected relationships within each sedoretu are: ■ The Morning woman and the Evening man (the “Morning marriage”) ■ The Evening woman and the Morning man (the “Evening marriage”) ■ The Morning woman and the Evening woman (the “Day marriage”) ■ The Morning man and the Evening man (the “Night...