Emissaries from the Dead
Emissaries from the Dead

ISBN: 9780061658273
Year of publication: 2008
Sequence of author: Andrea cort(№1)

Emissaries from the Dead

Adam-Troy Castro

Detective science fiction

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Adam-Troy Castro EMISSARIES FROM THE DEAD For Christina Santiago-Peterson, who wasn’t satisfied with the way I killed her off the first time PROLOGUE When the Monster sleeps, she dreams of Bocai. Bocai had been an unremarkable world, of the usual unremarkable beauty. There had been deserts of towering red spinestalks, mountains lined with spongiform trees that remained tall and unyielding despite the softness of their bark, oceans that glowed with dancing phosphorescence at night, and a day and night approximately half the length of the normal human sleep cycle, allowing the human beings who had leased one small island from the natives two sunsets and two sunrises for every day they stood upon its generous fertile earth. A beautiful world, yes. A remarkable beautiful world, no. Those who’d traveled to many all agreed that they’d seen better. Following the usual behavior pattern of their species, the tiny human community had found...