The Third Claw of God
The Third Claw of God

ISBN: 9780061773495
Year of publication: 2009
Sequence of author: Andrea cort(№2)

The Third Claw of God

Adam-Troy Castro

Detective science fiction

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Adam-Troy Castro THE THIRD CLAW OF GOD For the Ellison Nine, who had an adventure of their very own aboard another elevator entirely THE CAST Not all of these people appear onstage in the pages that follow; in fact, many of them don’t. But all are mentioned at least once. They are all given equal status here to avoid giving away the identities of any who might make unexpected entrances. To further inhibit spoilage, one is a fraud with no relevance to anything that happens in this novel, even in passing. You may assume that this personage was off somewhere, minding his or her own business or solving some other crime among the idle rich, while Andrea did her thing. ANDREA CORT AND ASSOCIATES ARTIS BRINGEN: Andrea Cort’s long-time Dip Corps superior, no longer her boss but still a handy information source; back home at the wheelworld New London. ANDREA CORT: Infamous child war criminal, now all grown up; Prosecutor-at-Large for the...