Mrs. Yaga
Mrs. Yaga

Year of publication: 2014
Keywords: Baba Yaga Diversity Dragons Families Feminism Folk Tales Magic Polish Folk Tales Quest Fantasy Retelling SFF Slavic Myths Speculative Fiction Subversive Fairy Tales Witches Young Adult

Mrs. Yaga

Michal Wojcik

Fairy tale, Story

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Mrs. Yaga by Michal Wojcik Mrs. Yaga For all the Baba Yagas out there. Aurelia grew up in a cabin a little ways outside of town, the one with the red mailbox and the twisted iron fence surmounted by skulls. Sometimes the house would groan and shift and flex its long chicken feet; every so often it would stretch out its legs, lifting Aurelia’s room up over the trees and making crockery slide and smash. Then Mrs. Yaga would speak to the walls and soothe their domicile into settling back down again, to fold its legs like a hen does. An old black-and-white TV stayed perpetually switched on and soundless in the living room, drawing static off the aerial that spindled from the peak of the thatch roof. No wires came in off the main line but there was always power for the TV and the radio and the Mac Classic; as for a phone line, Mrs. Yaga had a cell. “Did you have to do it, baba?” Aurelia asked as she washed dishes. She was nineteen, her hair...