The Corridors of Time
The Corridors of Time

ISBN: 0712610502
Year of publication: 1985

The Corridors of Time

Poul Anderson

Alternative history

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The Corridors of Time Poul Anderson TO ANTHONY BOUCHER For much more than introducing me to Storm Darroway 1 The guard said, “You got a visitor,” and turned the key. “What? Who?” Malcolm Lockridge rose from his bunk. He had been lying there for hours, trying to read a textbook—keep up with his course work—but mostly with his gaze held to a crack in the ceiling and his mind awash in bitterness. If nothing else, the noises and stinks from the other cells distracted him too much. “I dunno.” The guard clicked his tongue. “She’s a dish, though.” His tone was more awed than otherwise. Puzzled, Lockridge crossed the floor. The guard stepped back a little. One could read his mind: Careful, there, this guy’s a killer. Not that Lockridge appeared vicious. He was of medium height, with crew-cut sandy hair, blue eyes, blunt snub-nosed features that reflected no more than his twenty-six years. But he was wider in chest and shoulders, thicker in arms and legs, than most men, and he moved like...

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