The Undomestic Goddess
The Undomestic Goddess

ISBN: 0385338694
Year of publication: 2006
Keywords: & & Contemporary Contemporary Fiction Contemporary Women Fiction General Humor Humor Humor Humorous Literature Romance Romantic Comedy Satire Women's Fiction

The Undomestic Goddess

Sophie Kinsella

Antique literature

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The Undomestic Goddess By Sophie Kinsella Chapter One Would you consider yourself stressed? No. I’m not stressed. I’m… busy. Plenty of people are busy. I have a high-powered job, my career is important to me, and I enjoy it. OK. So sometimes I do feel a bit tense. But I’m a lawyer in the City, for God’s sake. What do you expect? My handwriting is pressing so hard into the page, I’ve torn the paper. Dammit. Never mind. Let’s move on to the next question. On average, how many hours do you spend in the office every day? 14 12 8 It depends. Do you exercise regularly? I regularly go swimming I occasionally go swim I am intending to begin a regular regime of swimming. When I have time. Work’s been busy lately, it’s a blip. Do you drink 8 glasses of water a day? Yes Someti No. I put down my pen and clear my throat. Across the room, Maya looks up from where she’s rearranging all her little pots of wax and...