Vendetta for the Saint
Vendetta for the Saint

Year of publication: 1964
Sequence of author: Saint(№37)

Vendetta for the Saint

Leslie Charteris
Harry Harrison

Hard detective

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Leslie Charteris, Harry Harrison Vendetta for the Saint There is no doubt that the Mafia is one of the principal causes of the misery weighing on the population in Sicily. Whenever there is an offense to the law, one hears repeated: “That is an affair of the Mafia.” The Mafia is that mysterious feeling of fear which a man celebrated for crime and strength imparts to the weak. The mafioso can do what he likes because, out of fear, no one will denounce him. He carries forbidden weapons, incites to duels, stabs from behind, pretends to forgive offenses so as to settle them later. The first canon of the Mafia is personal vengeance. We must note that there are families in which the traditions of the Mafia are passed on from father to son, as in the physical order congenital illnesses are inherited. Also, there are mafiosi in every walk of life, from the baron to the worker in the sulphur mines. Luigi Berti Prefect of Agrigento 1875 ...