Tevye the Dairyman and the Railroad Stories
Tevye the Dairyman and the Railroad Stories

ISBN: 9780307795243
Year of publication: 1987
Keywords: Fiction Short Stories (Single Author)

Tevye the Dairyman and the Railroad Stories

Sholem Aleichem

Hillel Halkin
Ted Gorelick
Golda Werman

Classical prose

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Tevye the Dairyman and The Railroad Stories by Sholem Aleichem Introduction 1 A little over a century ago, in 1883, an aspiring writer of comic talents named Sholem Rabinovich, who was then serving as a “crown rabbi,” a state-appointed clerical functionary in a small Jewish community in the Ukraine, published a satirical account of local politics in the St. Petersburg Yiddishe Folksblat and playfully signed it “Sholem Aleichem”—that is to say, “Hello There!” It was not his first alias. He already had, and would continue to assemble, a precocious collection of pseudonyms, including such curiosities as “Solomon Bikherfresser” (Solomon Bookeater), “Baron Pipernoter” (Baron Ogre), “Terakhs an Eynikl” (Terach’s Grandson), and “Der Yiddisher Gazlen” (The Robber Jew). Compared with these titles, however, which had at best a slapstick humor, the ancient Hebrew salutation first employed in the Folksblat (its Arabic cognate of salaam...