Strong Motion : A Novel
Strong Motion : A Novel

ISBN: 9780312420512
Year of publication: 1992
Keywords: Boston (Mass.) Earthquakes Fiction General Literary Man-Woman Relationships Massachusetts North Shore (Mass. : Coast) Psychological Fiction Sagas Seismologists

Strong Motion : A Novel

Jonathan Franzen

Modern Prose

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Strong Motion by Jonathan Franzen For Valerie Grateful acknowledgment of support is made to the Mrs. Giles Whiting Foundation, the Corporation of Yaddo, Sven-Erik and Marianne Ekstrom, and Dieter and Inge Rahtz. Thanks also to Lorrie Fürrer and Robert Franzen, and especially to Goran Ekstrom for his advice and seismograms. Parts of Chapter 13 draw heavily on William Cronon’s Changes in the Land (Hill & Wang, 1983). A rock was sticking out of the water, jagged and pointed, covered with moss — a remnant of the Ice Age and of the glacier that had once gouged out this basin in the earth. It had withstood the rains, the snows, the frost, the heat. It was afraid of no one. It did not need redemption, it had already been redeemed. — I. B. SINGER I Default Gender 1 Sometimes when people asked Eileen Holland if she had any brothers or sisters, she had to think for a moment. In grade...