Year of publication: 2002


Robert J Sawyer

Science fiction

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Ineluctable by Robert J. Sawyer What to do? What to do? Darren Hamasaki blew out air, trying to calm down, but his heart kept pounding, a metronome on amphetamines. This was big. This was huge. There had to be procedures in place. Surely someone had thought this through, had come up with a—a protocol, that was the word. Darren left the observatory shed in his backyard and trudged through the snow. He stepped up onto the wooden deck and entered his house through the sliding-glass rear doors. He hit the light switch, the halogen glow from the torchiere by the desk stinging his dark-adapted eyes. Darren took off his boots, gloves, tuque, and parka, then crossed the room, sitting down at his computer. He clicked on the Netscape Navigator icon. Oh, he had Microsoft Explorer, too—it had come preinstalled on his Pentium IV—but Darren always favored the underdog. His current search engine of choice, which changed as frequently as the current favorite CD in...