Just Like Old Times
Just Like Old Times

Year of publication: 1993

Just Like Old Times

Robert J Sawyer

Science fiction

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Just Like Old Times by Robert J. Sawyer The transference went smoothly, like a scalpel slicing into skin. Cohen was simultaneously excited and disappointed. He was thrilled to be here—perhaps the judge was right, perhaps this was indeed where he really belonged. But the gleaming edge was taken off that thrill because it wasn’t accompanied by the usual physiological signs of excitement: no sweaty palms, no racing heart, no rapid breathing. Oh, there was a heartbeat, to be sure, thundering in the background, but it wasn’t Cohen’s. It was the dinosaur’s. Everything was the dinosaur’s: Cohen saw the world now through tyrannosaur eyes. The colors seemed all wrong. Surely plant leaves must be the same chlorophyll green here in the Mesozoic, but the dinosaur saw them as navy blue. The sky was lavender; the dirt underfoot ash gray. Old bones had different cones, thought Cohen. Well, he could get used to it. After all, he had no choice. He would finish his...