The Rights Tough
The Right's Tough

ISBN: 0743488385
Year of publication: 2004

The Right's Tough

Robert J Sawyer

Science fiction

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The Right’s Tough by Robert J. Sawyer “The funny thing about this place,” said Hauptmann, pointing at the White House as he and Chin walked west on the Mall, “is that the food is actually good.” “What’s funny about that?” asked Chin. “Well, it’s a tourist attraction, right? A historic site. People come from all over the world to see where the American government was headquartered, back when therewere governments. The guys who own it now could serve absolute crap, charge exorbitant prices, and the place would still be packed. But the food really is great. Besides, tomorrow the crowds will arrive; we might as well eat here while we can.” Chin nodded. “All right,” he said. “Let’s give it a try.” * * * The room Hauptmann and Chin were seated in had been the State Dining Room. Its oak-paneled walls sported framed portraits of all sixty-one men and seven women who had served as presidents before the office had been abolished. “What do you suppose...