A Model World And Other Stories
A Model World And Other Stories

Year of publication: 2011

A Model World And Other Stories

Michael Chabon

Modern Prose

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Michael Chabon A Model World And Other Stories To the memory of Ernest Cohen The author is very grateful to Mr. Daniel Menaker, to Mr. Douglas Stumpf, to Ms. Mary Evans, and to Ms. Lollie Groth. More delicate than the historians’ are the map makers’ colors. — ELIZABETH BISHOP Part I: A Model World S ANGEL ON THE MORNING OF his cousin’s wedding Ira performed his toilet, as he always did, with patience, hope, and a ruthless punctilio. He put on his Italian wool trousers, his silk shirt, his pink socks, to which he imputed a certain sexual felicity, and a slightly worn but still serviceable Willi Smith sport jacket. He shaved the delta of skin between his eyebrows and took a few extra minutes to clean out the inside of his car, a battered, faintly malodorous Japanese hatchback of no character whatever. Ira never went anywhere without expecting that when he arrived there he would meet the woman with whom...