Designer Detective
Designer Detective

Year of publication: 2013
Sequence of author: Fiona marlowe mystery(№1)
Keywords: & & & Contemporary Fiction Contemporary Women Fiction General Humor Humor Humor Humorous Literature Mystery; Thriller Romance Satire Suspense Women's Fiction

Designer Detective

Marjorie Thelen

Modern romance novels, Thriller, Humorous prose, Ladies' detective novel

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Designer Detective First Novel in the Fiona Marlowe Mystery Series Marjorie Thelen To my writer and reader friends everywhere, thank you. To the original Aussie girl, Bronwen Porter, who inspired me to write the book, a special thanks; to the Harney Basin Writers for the wind beneath my wings; and for John, always What readers are saying about Marjorie Thelen’s books “In Designer Detective the reader is taken along on a fun and fast-paced journey filled with unexpected villains and heroes and is treated to a surprising ending. I literally couldn’t put the book down and anxiously await Fiona’s next adventure.” Karen Nitz, archivist of the Western Room, Harney County Library and author of Harney County. “The Forty Column Castle is a perfect blend of filial concern, romance, international intrigue, fashion, and surprising plot twists that create a lighthearted escape from the burdens of daily life. You'll have fun reading...