Work. Rest. Repeat.
Work. Rest. Repeat.

Year of publication: 2014
Keywords: british detective novel british science fiction thriller colonization dystopian serial killer

Work. Rest. Repeat.

Frank Tayell

Detective science fiction, Postapokalipsis

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Frank Tayell WORK. REST. REPEAT. A Post-Apocalyptic Detective Novel Dedicated to family and friends Prologue - An Ordinary Shift Twenty-six hours before voting begins Ely ducked, and the fist sailed past his face. As he straightened, something struck the side of his head. His helmet took the brunt of the impact, but he staggered forwards, knocking two of the brawling workers to the floor. Half turning, he lashed out and grabbed a fistful of arm and cloth. He didn’t know if it was the person who’d struck him. He didn’t care. He threw the felon to the ground as his other hand scrabbled for the truncheon on his belt. When he pulled it out he found the grip unfamiliar. He’d not used the baton for years, not even in practice. Another blow struck him, this time to the back of his neck. The truncheon fell from his fingers and was forgotten as his helmet was dislodged. His display pixelated as it tried to reset. He was blind. Roaring with...