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The Carnal Prayer Mat
The Carnal Prayer Mat

Year of publication: 2012
Keywords: antique_east

The Carnal Prayer Mat

Li Yu

Erotic, Sex

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Li Yu The Carnal Prayer Mat TRANSLATED, WITH AN INTRODUCTION AND NOTES, BY PATRICK HANAN INTRODUCTION What first attracted me to Li Yu was his love of comic invention. "Broadly speaking," he once wrote to a friend, "everything I have ever written was intended to make people laugh." He was never content, as other writers were, to make minor variations upon the standard literary themes. Instead he submitted those themes to a drastic overhaul and created a new comedy of his own, claiming all the while that his version of reality was the true one and that everybody else was deluded. He thus belongs to that rare breed of comic writer-rare in any culture-who discovers or invents the terms of his own reality. [1] Let me give two obvious examples, both of them discoveries rather than inventions. In its most general outline a Chinese romantic comedy consisted of a handsome youth with brilliant literary gifts falling in love with a...