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Lovers On The Side
Lovers On The Side

Sequence of author: Beeline double novel(№65535)

Lovers On The Side

Dick N Larged

Erotic, Sex

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Dick N. Larged Lovers On The Side Chapter 1 Trudy couldn't believe her ears. The sound of her mother's passion-laden voice groaned and begged down the stairwell. "Oh fuck me, Chuck. Fuck me. Ram your beautiful iron cock into me! Oh God! I'm going to cum!" There wasn't any doubt that it was Grace, her mother's voice and that Chuck was fucking her. But the name of Trudy's daddy was Harold! What was going on? What was happening? Trudy forgot her own personal problem and bounced up the stairs. Trudy peeked around the doorway of her mother's bedroom. Oh no! Her heart sank. Grace, her young, vivacious, ever laughing and impish mother, was lying naked on the bed, her pinkish-white lovely legs splayed and flailing alongside the thighs of Chuck Sands as Chuck pumped and pistoned his thick, reddened cock in and out of her sucking, drooling hole. Oh God! Trudy looked away and flattened against the wall. What? When? Why? Why? Chuck was her brother's...