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Spouse Swap
Spouse Swap

Sequence of author: Beeline double novel(№65535)

Spouse Swap


Erotic, Sex

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Anonymous Spouse Swap Chapter 1 "I love it, I love it!" Trish whispered to herself. "It's just like getting balled by a terrific stud!" She felt the muscles of her stomach clench and unclench, just as they always did a moment before orgasm. Excitement embraced Trish like an oversexed lover on the verge of climax as she watched her partner slip a folded note to the airline stewardess who had introduced herself to the passengers as Sandra. Heat jumped into the eighteen-year-old redhead's loins, bringing instant moisture to her vagina. Green eyes turned somnambulistic and a blush crawled across her beautiful face to tint her cheeks. Breasts quaked with her suddenly ragged breathing, and nipples hardened behind the half-bra that held them captive, their imprints showing through her boyish white blouse. Heart hammered; blood bubbled along her veins like red lava looking for a way out. She licked her ripe red lips, pressed her creamy thighs together....