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Passions her game
Passion's her game

Sequence of author: Beeline double novel(№65535)

Passion's her game

Bill E Balle

Erotic, Sex

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Bill E. Balle Passion's Her Game Chapter 1 The body of the man, with all its soft, flabby bulk, pressed upon Toni She could see his eyes glowing. She backed up and was stopped by falling against a tree. The hands were at her breasts as the voice whined piteously and the heavy body, heavier still with the acrid odor of booze, moved closer again. "Be nice, baby!" mumbled the voice in the dark. "Be nice to Big Benny! It's been a long time…" Toni wished she could scream, wished she could slash out at that bloated face with her nails. But her pert, tight young body was a helpless mass against the onslaught, against the searching, feverish hands. "I was watching you on, the bus, honey. I know why you got off here in Hoboken. You ain't goin' to Hoboken. You got off before New York 'cause you knew Big Benny was watchin' ya'. And you knew I'd get off too, right? 'Cause you want Big Benny to fuck ya', right? Well get a hotel room and… " The big, fat...