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Women Abducted
Women Abducted

Sequence of author: Beeline double novel(№1181)

Women Abducted

Ralph Burch

Erotic, Sex

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Ralph Burch Women Abducted Chapter 1 The last chance for the two women to escape the flood waters that crept closer to the isolated house came at about five P.M. "We really ought to head for my apartment in Weatherford," said Alice Kellog nervously. "It's on the fourth floor. We'll be safe." "No," said May Springer. "We'll be safer here. High ground." The petite blonde, Alice, paced nervously." But we're so far from help… May, if my son gets through, do you mind if I leave with him?" "You leave with him," said May. She could never explain to her friend, Alice, that this sturdy house was her bulwark-all she had in the world. If the flood took it, she wanted to go too. Alice had never understood May's peasant, primitive soul. A house, a piece of ground that sustained you, that you were willing to die for. In fact May Springer enjoyed the danger of the high waters, the rains, the deep feeling of herself against raw nature. It was-well,...